Yonatan Weinstein


Yonathan Weinstein (Israel)
I was born in 1990 in Israel., I lived abroad with his family during the years ’93-’94 Paris, France and later in ’98-’99 in Florence, Italy where I learned in the American-International school.In 2003 I celebrated my Bar Mitzvah, and it was at about that time that I decided to interview my grandmother and document her unique story. In 2008 I graduated from the “Alon” High school for Arts and Sciences (Ramat Hasharon, Israel) where I majored in the field of Cinema & Filmmaking, and directed several short films. Today I am serving my military service in Israel, as a video editor for the Air Force film-unit. I still live in the same house in which I was born and raised, not far from Tel Aviv.

Title: My Grandma – Frau Masha, 2006, 57:00
Yonatan, a 13-year-old boy, sets out with his camera to document for the very first time the story of his 90-year-old grandmother, Masha, a holocaust survivor. Masha tells Yonatan her story in such a way that revives events that she surpassed during the holocaust in front of the spectator’s eyes: Life in the shadow of war, the impossible decisions she had to face, the separations, the loss…
The movie reveals a unique encounter between a grandchild and his grandmother, which serves as a bridge between the third generation, the grandchildren, and the holocaust survivors who outlived the atrocities.