Vanane Borian


Vanane Borian (Israel)
1915-“, 2015, 2.33
The video piece dedicated to Genocide. I come from Jewish and Armenian family. I know what is Genocide, from two sides. I think, that this horrible phenomenon of human evil repeats every time in other place on our planet. I think, that the fact, that the memory and history of people, who were killed during the “clearing” process disappears, we need to remember, we need to talk about those kind of parts of human history, human evil history. May be then those kind of acts will never happen again.

Vanane Borian
Vanane Borian was born in Armenia at 1984. Emigrated to Israel at 1998. Graduated Bachelor Degree of textile design at 2008 and Master Degree of multidisciplinary design at 2015 at Shenkar college of engineering and design. Works as a designer of fashion brand company.Creates feminist , activist ,social and political art projects. The work’s main media is a photography and video art.Exhibited at Proyector 2015 international video art festival, passed at 6 countries of Europe and South America, with a video art pieces, dedicated to Genocide.