Tova Beck-Friedman


Tova Beck-Friedman (USA)
A multi media artist working in film, video, photography and sculpture and a recipient of several grants and artistic residencies.
Her work has been shown internationally in festivals, museums, galleries and on television including: The International Artists’ Museum, at the 50th Venice Biennale; The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC; Yeshiva University Museum in New York; The Norwegian Short Film Festival; The Jerusalem Cinematheque and The Newark Museum.

Title: At the Altar of her Memories, ,2005, 26:53
At age seventeen, following her liberation from Bergen-Belsen Bracha Ghilai came to Israel to start her life over. As part of her healing process she established a puppet theater. Sixty years later, surrounded by her puppets Bracha recalls the dire events of her youth. Through a mix of storytelling, puppetry and archival photographs we experience the anguish of her narrative while she unlocks chapters from her painful past. Her stories range from the heart-wrenching description of her separation from her nephew, Nisan, to the powerful and poignant account of incredible power of endurance, survival and the guilt that accompanies it.