Theme Bannenberg & Nok Snel II


Theme Bannenberg & Nok Snel
NOK&T/ART Dutch female artists duo Theme Bannenberg & Nok Snel are adventurers down to the bone. Where ever they roam the direct environment is the set for inspiration. The concept of T&NOK is opposite and spitting images. Their drive feeds on confrontation. The result is photography, objects, installations, paintings and since 2008, also videos

Title: One Minute Silence, 2012, 1:00
The National Dachau monument is a memorial to the Dutch victims of the Dachau concentration camp. It is located in the Amsterdam Forest. The monument was designed by artist Niek Kemps. The road is uneven, which symbolizes that the prisoners had to walk on uneven footwear. In the blue stone are the names of 500 concentration camps and outside camps chiseled.