Theme Bannenberg & NOK Snel I


Theme Bannenberg & Nok Snel
NOK&T/ART Dutch female artists duo Theme Bannenberg & Nok Snel are adventurers down to the bone. Where ever they roam the direct environment is the set for inspiration. The concept of T&NOK is opposite and spitting images. Their drive feeds on confrontation. The result is photography, objects, installations, paintings and since 2008, also videos

Title: Unravelling, 2013, 4:20
January 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day UNRAVELING My camp, your camp, everyone has her/his camp. Dachau – Germany was the model camp (1933-1945) Nok’s Mother was caught in Indonesia in a Japanese camp (1942-1945) Nok experiences her second generation post-war camp (1961-1993) T experiences her sexual abuse camp (1957-1969) NOK&T unravel the cruel boundries of humankind.