Rolanda Teicher Yekutiel


Rolanda Teicher Yekutiel (Israel)
Born in Romania, study: School of Fine Arts, Tel-Aviv Israel – solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad, received prizes and awards.

Title: A Toy on Grave – B-10506 LAST NUMBERS, 2006, 10:00
” The Zauna”. Birkenau, in the center of the passage way which was the corridor to hell stands a simple table.
On a special documented event, in the presence of Emphraim Reichenberg, a Mengele’s Zwilling, a professional tattooer is scorching
B-10506 Ephraims number onto my arm. I have taken the violent tattooing system and turned it into a memorial. Time transformed it into an historical code. This film is a toy on grave, but with the help of the eternal children’s cultural heroes, Micki Mouse & Pinocchio, whom I have installed in an archive film, aside children prisoners in Auschwitz. I am trying to create a world where miracles can happen.