Roderick Steel


Roderick Steel (Brazil)
Implementation: A Telematic Triptych, 2016, 03:30
Triptych of a telematic intervention on various locations on Újezd street, in Prague, Czech Republic, near the “The Memorial to the victims of Communism”. In this discrete multi-site video-happening”, the cellphone’s fixed gaze connects soon-to-be-executed bodies with the city and it’s past. Like the surrealist “cadavre exquis” game, the multiple screens mediate perspectives, and invite the viewer to create relations between images.

Roderick Steel
Roderick works with film, video, painting, photography, performance and curating. Overriding concerns in his work include the journey images take within other images, how images behave in different media and how they relate to each other, using photography and cinema as references. This applies to how images of the self are projected into the image world: through trance and other sublime experiences.