Paolo Ottonello


Paolo Ottonello
Work title: Litte chronicle from the Bell Tower, 2015, 03 mins 25 secs
Chronicle with a happy ending of an episode that really happened to a Jewish family rescued by some brave benefactors.
At the end of December 1943 the Jewish couple O. fled from Recco, Genoa, with three-year-old B. and three-month-old M.
For a short while the parson Doctor Don Franco Buffa hid them inside the parish church bell tower in Masone, Genoa; on the walls of one of the belfry rooms were found numbers, words and drawings as well as graffitis both on the walls and one door.
The tale of this special imprisonment starts from the above subjects.

Paolo Ottonello
Paolo Ottonello was born in Genoa on August 12, 1953. After his Degree in Chimica e Tecnologia Farmaceutiche e Farmacia, he had been working as pharmaceutical representative for 34 years. Since 2001 he has been attending painting classes with masters Aldo Cestino and Piera Vegnuti. He is a student of painting courses at Accademia Ligustica Belle Arti in Genoa and, during academic year 2014/2015, he has attended the lessons about animation films, held by professor and artist Paolo Giovanni Bonfiglio. In the past years, Paolo organized theatrical, film and art exhibitions. He had been Councilor responsible for culture and Mayor of Masone Genoa.