Murad Ibragimbekov


Murad Ibragimbekov
Work title: “HUMAN”, 2015, 8:39
A story of a human’s birth.

Murad Ibragimbekov
Born in 1965 in Baku. In 1989 he graduated from VGIK, was working as an independent movie producer since 1991 and as a director of commercials four years after. His full movies receive a huge attention since 1996, for the moment Murad Ibragimbekov is an Honoured Art Worker of the Dagestan Republic.
1996 ICF “Bogota” (Bronze Prize for the film “A man for a young woman”)
2000 OCP “Cinema shock” in Anapa (Spec. Jury Prize for the film “Real accidents”)
KF 2001 in Vladikavkaz (Best Director Award for the film “Real accidents”)
2001 RCF “Literature and Cinema” in Gatchina (Russian Guild of Film Critics’ Prize for the film “Real accidents”)
2003 Venice International Film Festival (“Silver Lion” for the film “Oil”)
2003 “Nika” Award (For the best non-fiction film “Oil”)