Miri Nishri


Miri Nishri (Israel)
born (1950) in Colombia, is an award winning visual and video artist based in Tel-Aviv, where she works and teaches. Her works were shown in many exhibitions, museums, galleries and festivals in Israel and abroad.

Title: Troubled Water, 2007, 12:00
Gita, 85 years old, is to be uprooted from her home in the kibbutz and forced into a nursinghome. As her consciousness crumbles, personal memories of escape, loss and persecutionmix with current realities shown on television.Her traumatic holocaust experiences, and the yearn for a lost loved one intertwine with the current catastrophe of a wife of a fireman killed on 9/11, to form a nightmarish reality – afrozen time trap continuously tightening, intensified by the fear of the nursing home.The unification of these moments in time seeps into her daughter, creator of this work, who is condemned to perceive reality in the same way.Troubling nightmares absorbed from her mother accompanied her childhood dreams.