Mária Júdová


Mária Júdová (Czech Republik)
Metaphors of the body, 2013, 6:04
A specific movement triggered by post-traumatic stress disorder inspired this dance for the camera. Parallel to beauty, cruelty and failure is explored.

Mária Júdová
is a multidisciplinary artist from Slovakia. She received a Bachelor’s of Digital Media at Academy of Arts and continues studies at FAMU Center for Audiovisual studies in Prague, researching on a dance-tech and technologically informed dance practices. Her works have been presented at Cinedans in Amsterdam, Dutch Electronic Festival in Rotterdam, Atonal in Berlin and Accès(s) – festival cultures électroniques in Pau among many others. Nowadays she is also involved in The Choreographic Coding Lab and Rambert – Contemporary dance company in London, and actively works in the field of creative technology across the country and internationally.