Marcantonio Lunardi II


Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy)
Anthropometry 154855, 2015, 3:30

The video focuses on the process of depersonalisation that a subject undergoes when he or she is imprisoned in the taxonomic mechanism of bureaucracy. The title, that clearly recalls the anthropometry through which Yves Klein established the canon of the human proportions, immediately underlines its specific identity by adding a number to it. 154855 is a matriculation number: it is in fact the number which the director gave to the protagonist of his movie, a man whose anthropometric parameters have been catalogued throughout his life up until the archiving of his last breath. The movie displays the progressive dispossession of his identity through the collection of his anthropometric measures, of his fluids and eventually of his last breath, which is then regularly catalogued and archived.

Marcantonio Lunardi
Graduated in documentarist direction, since 2001 Lunardi has dealt with the social and political documentation working on installations, documentaries and video-art works. After the master at the Festival dei Popoli in Florence with Michael Glawogger, Sergei Dvortsevoy, Thomas Heise and Andrés Di Tella he engaged in a path in the field of the motion pictures experimenting with a language bordering with the cinema of reality and the video art. His works have been put on display in famous international institutes, many festivals of experimental cinema and of video and Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary He lives and work in Bagni di Lucca (Italy)