Jean-Michel Rolland


Jean-Michel Rolland (France)
A musician and a painter for a long time, I focus on video art to make my two favorite medium meet: sound and image.
At the origin of each of my creations, musicality plays a role as important as image does and each one influences the other by transmediality. The result is a series of experimental videos where sound and image are so inseparable that the one without the other would lose its meaning.

“It’s Forbidden” – “C’est Interdit”
, 2011, 1:05
It is forbidden to film in French train stations (except when expressly authorized by the station master). This prohibition, a remnant of history, is reminiscent of the sad memories of deportations that occurred during World War II. This station entering, turned without authorization in the south of France, does credit to the station agent who knows the directives of his superiors but does not want, unlike his colleagues of the past, to be too zealous to enforce them.