Isobel Blank


Isobel Blank (Italy)
Eleonora Giglione, (Isobel Blank in art), was born in Tuscany (Italy). She studied many artistic disciplines that branched
out in her Live Performances and Videoart works. She graduated cum laude in Philosophy (Aesthetics) at the University of Padua (Italy)

Title: If a spot of human lasts, 2009, 3:57
How can a shape hold itself integer. Immutable. That is not possible in Nature, neither in man. But when a tragedy like the Shoah takes place, a man cannot either hold integer his status of human being. Here a girl. her clothes, her hair, her movement, her shape of human. Her status of human, her lines put in evidence by the whitest white of the snow. Then her shapes losing shape. Her hair losing definition. And her opposition to the lost of her status. Through the absence of movement. The stasis. Sitting in the white. Or through a dance. Her last help call. With her hair holding a branch, a tree. Holding Nature. Then the dark, not the light. Then the violence that makes human shape disappear. Starting from clothes, till the hair. And then only a paper figure. No hair, nothing. Neither a girl. Just a paper figure to be destroyed. What lasts then? Just a colour moving in the white. Just a little spot of red in a drawing that Nature cannot erase. Maybe a spot of human lasts. But only in memories.