Felice Hapetzeder


Felice Hapetzeder (SWE)
born 1973 in Stockholm by an Austrian mother and an Italian father. I mostly work with moving images. My work concerns questions on national, ethnic, cultural and sexual identity. Part of my practice is collaborative. As Local A. I direct workshops and art projects together with Jenny Berntsson and I run the not for profit web gallery for solo shows of interesting artists. I was a founding member of the artist run gallery ak28 in Stockholm.

Title: Origin On Re-cut Trailer, 2009, 7:02
The theme of this work is how deeply war can affect people who haven’t experienced it themselves. The psychological material has been transmitted by an older generation that was in direct contact with the events and the mental climate at the time.
It is these traces and their identity-building processes, which I am studying thru video interviews with people who want to share their experiences. There is Anatka, whose whole family on her grandmother’s side was extinguished during the Holocaust. There is Robert, whose grandfather met his grandmother in a bomb building facility of the Third Reich.