Daniel Wechsler


Daniel Wechsler
Work title: Remains, 2014, 02:18
The core essence when searching for a new technique to manipulate video, was the attempt to exhaust different video software filters and the computers on board graphics card.
The end result was a yet to be seen ‘mistake’, that derived from digital bugs and malfunctions. From that point on, it only seemed natural to combine one fatal error with a few minor ones.
This video provides what i refer to as- flashbacks/nightmares, of the first US soldiers to enter the Concentration Camp and encounter the remains or sarid (in Hebrew).

Daniel Wechsler
My name is Daniel Wechsler and i am a Video Editor & Videographer. I started as an Audio Engineer, successfully graduated from SAE (School of audio Engineering, London Branch, class of 2007).
After a couple of years in Audio for Post and FOH (working in both London and TLV) i began to edit video. For the past 7 years i have been editing and filming.