Cezary Ostrowski


Cezary Ostrowski (Poland)
(born 30 September 1962 in Brzeg, Lower Silesia, Poland)is a Polish composer, musician, songwriter, author, visual artist and journalist. He is best known for his work as a leader of the critically acclaimed new wave band Bexa Lala, established in 1983. Before that, he had fronted the groups:Taz and Leo Patett in the early 1980s, bands renowned for their rough, and violent sound influenced by free jazz, electronica, and post-punk.In 2001, he formed the jazz duo Trzaska & Ostrowski that released the album Blades.In 2003 his another duo Swietlicki & Ostrowski released the album Crawl.Ostrowski’s music is generally characterised by intensity and a wide variety of influences.Cezary Ostrowski currently lives in Poznan, Poland.

Title: The Place, 2009, 5:08
There is a place where all the lines intersect….
Uncommercial (anticommercial) music video (text and vocals: Marcin Swietlicki music: Cezary Ostrowski