Brigitte Neufeldt I


Brigitte Neufeldt (Germany)
Jewish Life in Halle/Saale, 2005/2015, 4:30
Prof.M.Schwab told about his life as Jewish man :
I am Max Schwab, born in Halle / Saale, living since 1932 in this town. Grew up as child of a Jewish family and visited the synagogue of the Jewish parish of Halle /Saale till the year 1938. This synagogue was damaged on the 9th of November 1938- the night of pogroms.The remains of the synagogue had to be removed by the parish. The place remained empty- we can say a field of ruins which lasted till the 70s when they started to build new houses.

Brigitte Neufeldt
born in wilhelmshaven / germany
fine art studies with diploma: 1996 – 2001; hbk saar, saarbruecken
master of arts: 2003-2005;martin- luther -university of halle saale
exhibitions in korea, france, italy and germany. curator of the exhibitions “baum.welt” since 2000 til today. published : catalogue “UNO DUE TREE” after the show in UBA, DESSAU.
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