Brigitte Neufeldt II


Brigitte Neufeldt (Germany)
Güterbahnhof/Freight Depot of Halle/Saale, 2005/2016 , 06:26
We are standing on the cattle ramp at the goods station in Halle a/ d. Saale, it is a historical place because more than 65 year ago I often stayed here as a child. This cattle ramp belongs to the station of Halle/ Saale, then – more than 60 years ago – still the center of agriculture. The farmers needed livestock, especially draft cattle. And these draft cattle – usually oxen – were here offloaded and transported to the animal shops near-by and then sold again, distributed, brought again to the station and transported-the classical kind of the ramp.

Brigitte Neufeldt
born in wilhelmshaven / germany
fine art studies with diploma: 1996 – 2001; hbk saar, saarbruecken
master of arts: 2003-2005;martin- luther -university of halle saale
exhibitions in korea, france, italy and germany. curator of the exhibitions “baum.welt” since 2000 till today. published : catalogue “UNO DUE TREE” after the show in UBA, DESSAU.
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