Andrea Nevi & Eleonora Beddini


Andrea Nevi & Eleonora Beddini (Italy)
Andrea Nevi (Foligno, Italy ; April 30, 1985) is a filmmaker and a psychologist. Eleonora Beddini (Foligno, Italy; November 2, 1983) is a musician and a composer. Their collaboration dates back between 2006 and 2010, with the direction and scoring of short films. In the period between 2010 and 2013 further collaborations have been essentially Nevi’s direction of music videos for Beddini’s duo “Mama’s Gan” and video installations included in collective art exhibitions in many countries among which Italy, Armenia, Israel, Russia and Argentina.

Everything collapses and disintegrates around me, 2011, 2:40
The divers’ shootings from “Olympia” (1938) and the mass graves’ images shot by the Allies during the Nazi extermination camps’ release appear to be incredibly similar: same camera motions (vertical pan shots), same subjects’ movements (moving downwards). The similarity is used as a reading key to an age in history marked by totalitarianism and by the systematic use of propaganda. Disguised as a big dream the divers become a premonitory nightmare of what will occur within the next few years, when the victims and the collaborators will be countless: no medals, only losers.

The title of the video is a quotation from the last page of the novel “ The Truce” by Primo Levi.