Anaïs Pélaquier


Anaïs Pélaquier
Work title: How I lost my voice – Comment j’ai perdu ma voix, 2003, 33’21”
To escape the nazis, a mother hide her child in a closet. In a brief narrative writen in french and english, Raymond Federman returns, in a hallucinated monologue, this traumatic event of his life.
Video performance of my first reading of The voice in the closet from Federman. A need to tell to be abble to read. A night, diving under the eye of the camera, until my voice disapeared.

Anaïs Pélaquier (France)

Following studies in Philosophy and an actress training, I worked as an actress, stage director assistant in the theater and opera. I designed and directed the show Sinon je dors bien, on texts of Christine Angot and Essai de rêves avec chiens with texts of Henri Michaux, Yoko Ogawa, Liliane Giraudon and Beatrix Beck. These projects were questioning violence and report to the intimate with a great importance given to the images and the start for me to work with video. More recently, my own research has focused more decisively in this direction and while continuing to work in the performing arts with several companies and directors, I pursue a path videographer and artist.
I develop a work around my own childhood, family history and snatches from the other people ones. A certain attachment to the rests, the places, the objects or the phrases found abandoned; to relics and religious iconography. The question of what we inherit. To reveal what disappeared, or what has been dispersed, to come up against its material, to its presence. To invent “stories” in these empty spaces, open dialogues, create mappings.
I cross and mix multiple media. Theater performances, videos, embroideries on old photos, installations, spontaneously combustible boxes …