Alessandro Fonte


Alessandro Fonte (Italy)
Unisono, 2013, 2:37
A violinist, facing a closed arch of an emptied space, attempts to keep on his instrument a single note in unison with the noise of two operating vacuum cleaners.
This work reflects upon the solitude of memory and the processes of its establishment and decay.
The man stands isolated between the oblivion and the exhausting effort to keep alive a testimony within a space that still preserves elusive fragments of its past below layers of dust.
Exceeded both numerically and acoustically by the machines delegated to the removal of traces, the man cannot do anything but attempt to attune to the noise that surrounds him.

Alessandro Fonte
Born 1984, Polistena, Italy. Master’s degree in Architecture (Unical, Italy) with awarded thesis in rural architecture and sociology. Currently living in Italy and Germany. He works in the field of architecture and visual arts using various media. Fonte’s work has been featured in important shows, such as 16th Media Art Biennale Wroclaw (2015), 24th Biennial of Design Ljubljana (2014) where he was awarded with the highest honour, the Best Collaboration Award (with the nanotourism platform). He collaborated with dekleva gregorič architects and Adjaye/Associates amongst others. Alongside his individual research since 2009 he also works in duo with Shawnette Poe.